Photographer František Heusler has worked with all photography genres. In his early times, like almost all photographers, he did not have a specific direction for his work. Currently, he works with the themes of light portray of human nudity containing an erotic touch in the domain of arranged composition. FH is a graduate of FAMU with a major in camera. His work is stitched together with his life while photography brings him great satisfaction. He still captures photographs on the classical negative as he is convinced that it will take more time for the digital medium to replace it completely.

František’s artistic work is oriented towards gallery presentation. All his photographs are presented in black and white form which will probably stay as his sole avenue. The black and white photograph has its magic and due to the overwhelming supply of colourful visualizations it will not lose its focus.

In the past two years, FH produces mostly large-format photographs. In his opinion, the dimensions of the photograph certainly evoke profound perceptions for the viewer which enhances the viewing experience. FH works in a studio setup with artificial lighting and prefers simple backgrounds. Therefore the visual aspect of his work is confined within a common theme with a minimal number of excessive elements.